Introducing Myself and My First Collection

 When I first started designing I did baby clothing, started a maternity clothing line, and made custom pieces for people. I then realized that my passion was making creative ready to wear clothing for women. I have always been interested in Syfy, futuristic, dark, and witchy things. The more different and out of the ordinary something is the more I am intrigued by it. 

I have always been into making things with my hands from clothes to decorations and anything you can think of. I am a hug arts and crafts person since I was a kid. Any holiday that would come I would be making something for it. Anytime I can DIY something I go for it. I got my creativity from my DAD. Since I was a kid my dad would make me my Halloween costumes every year. He is a great inspiration in my life because like me he does everything himself. I learned how to sew and make clothes because of him. 

I decided to start designing what I was really passionate about. I would say my clothing is a mixture of futuristic, edgy, Syfy chic with a dash of alternative style to it. The style of clothing I design has the aesthetic of Alexander McQueen meets Hot Topic. I design clothing to empower women to embrace who they are and to feel empowered by all their unique beauty. I want women to feel powerful, like they can run the world without compromising their edginess. My clothing is designed to be a staple in your wardrobe and to last for years. 

For now I am making everything myself. I make every piece of clothing myself and hand sew every detail. I draw every fashion illustration sketch. I develop every paper pattern to sewing every piece of garment. I am a one woman show for now. I make small batches of my garments because I want my full attention on every detail and I do not want to be part of the fast/disposable fashion, that mass produces everything. 

For my first collection called Spikes, I wanted to add more edge and Syfy to classic styles. I used metal spikes to add some kick ass edge to the clothing. I also used faux leather and suede for the detail work. I am also a big fan of origami that I try to incorporate that into my clothing as well. On some pieces I made origami spikes, that I hand sewed to some pieces to add a futuristic feel to them. 

I do get asked at times if I can make clothing at a cheaper price, but the simple answer is no, because to me it is more important the quality than the quantity of my creations. Now days everything is so massed produced that the quality and uniqueness of things are vanishing. I don't want to make things that are just good enough. I am not willing to compromise the quality of my clothing to just make it cheap over all. The quality and detail work of my clothes is what makes it unique and stand out. I also believe in paying people a fair wage for their labor. I always try to find the best material to use as well. Most of the fabrics I use are waterproof and wrinkle proof.

Since starting this journey I felt alone, but I am very blessed and thankful to all of the support that has been coming in. It is crazy to see how much love and support I get from family, friends, and especially fans of my work. I can never thank them enough for being here through out my journey, but thank you to every single person I am deeply touched and grateful. THANK YOU.