I am a fanatic of everything futuristic, spacey, witchy, and dark. The more unique and different something is the more interested I am in it. With every collection, I design a one of a kind piece that really brings all of my strange ideas to life. 

With this first collection that was all about the spikes it made me think of stranger things. I was inspired by the demogorgon on stranger things. The story behind this dress is I picture a kick ass women from the future that is a space heroine. She does not need any saving, but even though she is tough she loves to wear dresses. Her style is feminine but with a lot of edge to it. The lace adds that girly touch and the details of the zippers and the red flowers with spikes, add the right amount of edginess to it. She has weapons hidden everywhere on her. The red flowers on the dress are more like small space monsters that are coming out of the dress ready to attack anyone that comes near their master.

Every detail of each red space monster head on the dress was hand done by me. I hand sewed each piece, to the making of each tooth painted on every flower. I loved every minute of making this dress and I thank everyone for all of the love and support I receive.