Happy Ghoulentine's Day

In my house I love to put a Halloween twist to anything and this year thanks to the show Vampirina I officially celebrate Ghoulentine's day instead of Valentines day. I made some Ghoulentine's day crafts that are a great DIY for you can put your own spooky twist to this holiday. 

Spider Heart Wreath


  • heart wreath 
  • black yarn
  • glue
  • scissors 
  1. I got my wreath from the dollar store they have great things for low prices and they are good quality too. 
  2. Grab the yarn and start making a spider web design of your choice in the middle of the heart. Make sure to tie each end to the wreath.
  3. When you start building the whirl in the middle of the web make sure to glue it on each of the strands for when you hang it does not all come down.  
  4. You are set to hang it on your door.

Ghoulentine's Day Cards And Decorations 


  • construction paper
  • black yarn
  • glue stick
  • assortment of scissors 
  • color pencils
  • markers
  • tape
  • template I provided below if needed
  1. Start buy cutting out hearts and bats from the construction paper. 
  2. Once all the hearts are cut out glue a small heart on top of a big one. 
  3. For the skull heart bat just color in the eyes and nose.
  4. On the cards you can write any message you would like, and decorate them with spider webs and spiders. 
  1. I decided to use mine as a decoration so I punched a hole on each of my cards.
  2. I stringed a piece of yarn through every single one.
  3. Tape the back on the top hole to secure the yarn in place. 
  4. Made a loop at the top and hanged it, for a way to display all my designs.  

Another cool thing you can get is that this year McDonalds is giving out monster Valentine's day cards in every happy meal. We collected them all for a great way to have spooky cards for Ghoulentine's day.