Unicorn Makeup Brushes

I received the most amazing makeup brushes ever. I heard about them, but I never thought they were real until now. For being a huge unicorn lover I was super excited to receive these unicorn makeup brushes. The brushes feel so soft and gentle on my hand. I have not used them yet as in fact I don't want to use them they are just to beautiful like works of art. The detail on every brush is incredible and the colors make it so magical. They are the perfect combination of classy and edgy all in one. I love things that are different and out of the ordinary and for these being my first makeup brushes ever I could have not asked for more they are the perfect set for me. The brushes are worth every penny and they are packaged in the most creative way possible.

They come in a diamond stone shape pocket book that shines like a rainbow just like the colors on the brushes to match. The box they come in is stunning the surprise inside is a work of art. The art work inside the box is done by kurtisry kovich in which it blew me away on how cool it was. Inside the box is a unicorn rainbow party that I never expected but loved. The painting inside was the cherry on top to take the brushes out of this world. Everything is from Unicorn Lashes UK the original makers of the unicorn makeup brushes, which I did not know that these brushes are always selling out so stay on the look out for them. The art work and the brushes were all done by kurtisry kovich in collaboration with Unicorn Lashes UK. You guys should definitely check them out they have the most amazing products and artwork.