Unicorn Crazy

With all of this unicorn craze that is going on and in which I am obsessed with, because everything is so cute. All of the things I keep bumping into just keep getting more and more creative and awesome. I have found everything from clothing, merchandise to even recipes. Here are a few that I thought were pretty cool. 

Most of these clothes you can find them on this cool website that has a lot of unicorn things called Smoko and the other onesie that I found that was so cute was at forever 21

You can find all of this merchandise at Smoko and the last two unicorns are from the Despicable Me movie, that you can only buy at the gift shop in universal studios. I love how everything is very unique, there are mugs, light up slippers, lights, speakers, salt and pepper shakers, and backpacks. 

Now for the food here we have a Unicorn Dip recipe by Delish. 

Unicorn Cheesecake by Delish. 

Unicorn Toast by Delish