Stuffed Toys That Are Works Of Art

I found the cutest stuffed toys ever. These are not your ordinary stuffed toys, these works of art are by the Russian artist Ekaterina Gakman. She designs and makes any character imaginable, from any movie or show you can think of. Her pieces are all one of kind and unique in every way. She makes pokemon, baby grinch (in which I must say is adorable), to the neverbeast from tinkerbell. 

She has a collection of different kinds of gizmos from the movie gremlins that look very realistic and exactly like the movie character. 

This is superb she has created both cheshire cats from the Alice In Wonderland movies. The cat from the original Disney cartoon movie and the cat from the movie version that Tim Burton did. All of her work is amazing and I diffidently recommend everyone to check her out on instagram @gakman.e or on her Etsy shop @GakmanCreatures where you can purchase all of these wonderful creations.