My Mermaid Hair Journey

When I first started my hair journey to dye it for the very first time, trust me I was scared at first because I heard so many people tell me horror stories. I still did not let that stop me because I did my research and looked for a good hair stylist that knew her stuff very well. I went in with my virgin hair and was still debating if I still wanted to do it. 

For being my first time I wanted to take it slow and only dye the bottom of my hair first to see if I really liked it. So I went with an ombre blue green look first. 

So I ended up loving it and I then decided to go all out or go home for my birthday. So, I dyed my whole head teal. Let me tell you I was in love with my hair from that moment on. I then realized that I did not like my normal hair color anymore.  

Once I dyed my whole head I never went back to my normal hair color again. It was very addicting let me tell you but hey I loved it. Everyone always thought I had a wig or had extensions but no it was all my real hair that I dyed and trust me I have a lot of hair on my head. 

I only stuck to the blue color range for dyeing my hair. I have tried the lightest of blues to the darkest of blues and it never gets boring. After dyeing my hair the first time I have gone all crazy with the different ranges of blue. 

I have done the frosty blue colors which made me feel like Elsa. The thing with lighter blues that I noticed was that they do tend to fade faster then the darker ones. 

After dyeing my hair for two years now and still being able to keep it healthy I have learned many things on how to keep it like that. First and first most do not ever go to bed with your hair wet because it will cause it to break really bad. Always sleep with a silk pillow case for it can help your hair keep its moisture. Put a conditioning mask on your hair to keep it silky and smooth for it will not have the hay feel to it. The top of all the rules, is if you are going to use any styling heat tool always and I mean always use it at the lowest temperature as possible for your hair will not fade badly the minute the heat touches it. 

Now days I am rocking this dark blue color that has been keeping its color the same even after five washes. I have to give all the credit to Shawn my hair doctor because she has made this experience unbelievably awesome. She uses Pravana vivid hair colors on me. You can find her instagram @dreamhairla and you can see all of her work there which is incredible I may say.