DIY 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

I have always looked for the perfect ugly christmas sweater. I always wanted to make one so this year I finally got around to making one and I went all out with this ugly sweater. The whole point of making an ugly sweater is just to go crazy and be creative with it, so do not over think it. Just have fun with it because it is a work of art. 


  • Sweater of any shape or color
  • Fabric glue and glue gun
  • String that matches sweater color
  • Puff Paint
  • Plush toy of choice
  • Decorations of any sort
  • Puff balls
  • Scissors
  • Small bells
  • Small lights of any sort
  1. Lay sweater flat. To save money I got my sweater from the thrift store for $4. 
  2. Cut the plush toy in half and remove some of the stuffing to sew the open ends up. I got the plush from the thrift store as well. 
  3. Position and sew the two halves of the plush toy to the front and back of the sweater to give it that 3D effect. 
  4. Just go crazy with the decorating there is no right or wrong way of doing it. I found all of my decorations from the 99 cent store and the dollar store. 
  5. Fabric items I used fabric glue to stick them and metal or plastic items I hot glued them. 
  6. Big plush toys and lights I sewed them on.
  7. Then you are set to go.