Mickeys Halloween Party 2017

This year I went to Mickey's Halloween Party with my family and every year that we have gone the party was only at Disneyland. This year they did it a little different they had both parks opened which the halloween party was at Disneyland and California adventures. We had a blast because we had never been to California Adventures before and it was amazing. We loved going on our favorite ride the hunted mansion of course and collecting all the sweet candy. We then headed to California adventures in which we fell in love with cars land especially how it was decorated for halloween. We loved going on the monsters inc. ride and the little mermaid one too. The kids loved a bugs life land and cars land. They got to meet matter, he was so funny and they were laughing the whole time. Here are some photos of our adventure that day. 

we also could not resist getting some goodies from the halloween bakery in Disneyland the goodies were all to die for.