Honest Company Diapers and Wipes

Before I had my son I did my research on what kind of diapers I was going to get. I was really looking for diapers that were to tell the truth the best in prize, because as we all moms know through experience that babies go through a lot of them. As I started to also do a life style change of being more environmentally friendly I noticed that all the eco friendly diapers were one super expensive or two ugly. 

I started to do my calculations of what diapers I would get because I did not also want to spend to much money on something that my baby was just going to poop on. at first it was hard because I was realizing that I was going to have to compromise to either get eco friendly diapers that were going to put a dent in my wallet or get diapers that are budget friendly but are not good for the environment. Then when I heard about the honest company when it was first starting up I couldn't believe it.

It was the best of both worlds and even after I calculated to see which was better to get the honest diaper bundle or the diapers and wipes from Costco, the honest company diaper bundle was cheaper. The best part was that in there diaper bundle you get diapers and wipes for one prize. I did not have to worry about getting everything separate and they would come to my house, because as a mom we sometimes do not have the time to keep running to the store for more supplies. If I needed other things for the baby like diaper rash cream or shampoo I was able to add it to the bundle for a lower cost than it sells at the store, so that was a plus. 

The honest diaper bundles are great they are eco friendly and they look awesome with all the different designs they have for them it is hard sometimes to even choose. My bundles usually last me 3-4 months and they never getting boring because they always have new designs coming out every season. On certain holidays they even include gifts for mommy and on your baby's birthday they send you diapers with a happy birthday print on them.  I have gotten free cookie mix and cutters for christmas, and for halloween I have received skull tote bags. 

Overall it is just great to see that it is good for baby and mommy because they are affordable and they help the environment.  I still use them to this day for my son and I have had no problems with the products or their costumer service because they are so helpful.