Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

I received the most amazing makeup brushes ever. I heard about them, but I never thought they were real until now. For being a huge unicorn lover I was super excited to receive these unicorn makeup brushes.

Happy Alien Easter

Happy Alien Easter

The new movie Alien: Covenant is coming out to theaters May 19 and Christine McConnell has done a stunning job of incorporating the movie Alien to the wonderful Holiday Easter and I'm blown away. She did an amazing job and I love it. 

Happy Ghoulentine's Day

In my house I love to put a Halloween twist to anything and this year thanks to the show Vampirina I officially celebrate Ghoulentine's day instead of Valentines day. I made some Ghoulentine's day crafts that are a great DIY for you can put your own spooky twist to this holiday. 

Spider Heart Wreath


  • heart wreath 
  • black yarn
  • glue
  • scissors 
  1. I got my wreath from the dollar store they have great things for low prices and they are good quality too. 
  2. Grab the yarn and start making a spider web design of your choice in the middle of the heart. Make sure to tie each end to the wreath.
  3. When you start building the whirl in the middle of the web make sure to glue it on each of the strands for when you hang it does not all come down.  
  4. You are set to hang it on your door.

Ghoulentine's Day Cards And Decorations 


  • construction paper
  • black yarn
  • glue stick
  • assortment of scissors 
  • color pencils
  • markers
  • tape
  • template I provided below if needed
  1. Start buy cutting out hearts and bats from the construction paper. 
  2. Once all the hearts are cut out glue a small heart on top of a big one. 
  3. For the skull heart bat just color in the eyes and nose.
  4. On the cards you can write any message you would like, and decorate them with spider webs and spiders. 
  1. I decided to use mine as a decoration so I punched a hole on each of my cards.
  2. I stringed a piece of yarn through every single one.
  3. Tape the back on the top hole to secure the yarn in place. 
  4. Made a loop at the top and hanged it, for a way to display all my designs.  

Another cool thing you can get is that this year McDonalds is giving out monster Valentine's day cards in every happy meal. We collected them all for a great way to have spooky cards for Ghoulentine's day. 

A Strange Valentine's Day

A Strange Valentine's Day

Omg Christine McConnell has done it again this time she has put a wicked twist to valentine's day and I love it. She has combined the best show ever stranger things and a great holiday into one. Here are some of her Valentine's Day treats that are to die for and you can get more of her recipes here

DIY Sunglasses Organizer

Here is a DIY for a way to organize your sunglasses. I thought about this forever because I always had all my sunnies just laying around everywhere. When I looked for one I can never find it or I would completely forget I had it. This is a good way to have them all in sight for you can never forget what you have and dont end buying one you already have. I used stuff I had around the house that I was going to throw away. 


  • Picture Frame (size of your choose)
  • Ribbon of any size or color
  • Scissors
  • Sunglasses
  • Thumb tacks
  • Tape
  1. Take off the extra things from the frame like the board and glass.
  2. Measure and cut the ribbon to desired length of frame.
  3. Tape the ribbon to the back of the frame and hot glue it as well.
  4. My frame was medium sized, so I was only able to do two rows for my sunglasses to hang. 
  5. Locate where you want to hang the frame and hang it with two or three thumb tacks. 
  6. Hang your sunglasses and your all set. 

DIY 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

I have always looked for the perfect ugly christmas sweater. I always wanted to make one so this year I finally got around to making one and I went all out with this ugly sweater. The whole point of making an ugly sweater is just to go crazy and be creative with it, so do not over think it. Just have fun with it because it is a work of art. 


  • Sweater of any shape or color
  • Fabric glue and glue gun
  • String that matches sweater color
  • Puff Paint
  • Plush toy of choice
  • Decorations of any sort
  • Puff balls
  • Scissors
  • Small bells
  • Small lights of any sort
  1. Lay sweater flat. To save money I got my sweater from the thrift store for $4. 
  2. Cut the plush toy in half and remove some of the stuffing to sew the open ends up. I got the plush from the thrift store as well. 
  3. Position and sew the two halves of the plush toy to the front and back of the sweater to give it that 3D effect. 
  4. Just go crazy with the decorating there is no right or wrong way of doing it. I found all of my decorations from the 99 cent store and the dollar store. 
  5. Fabric items I used fabric glue to stick them and metal or plastic items I hot glued them. 
  6. Big plush toys and lights I sewed them on.
  7. Then you are set to go. 

DIY Jack Skellington's Spider Snowflake

Here is another edition of a Tim Burton Christmas or in other words a nightmare before Christmas. Here is a DIY for the spider snowflake that jack skellington did in the movie. I got the tutorial from the blog DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props it is the best blog for everything nightmare before Christmas that you would love to make. I got my instructions on how to make mine from her website. Penolopy Bulnick has made a symmetrical version of the spiderweb snowflake that can easily be cut out with scissors. She was even nice enough to create a free PDF printable: Click Here for Free Snowflake Printable 

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Monster Wreath

I love the nightmare before Christmas, because it is a frightfully way to incorporate Halloween into Christmas in which I am all for it. It is by far my favorite movie of all time, so here is a DIY project for the man eating wreath featured in the movie. The tutorial instructions came from Kristie's blog DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Props where I found the instructions on how to make mine. 

What you will need is:

  • Wreath 
  • 2 strands of wired garland - 6ft
  • 2 plastic spoons
  • Scrap foam core board -white
  • Red Christmas bow
  • Red holly berries
  • Hot glue 
  • Acrylic Paint- yellow & black
  • Scissors / X-acto blade

Most of the stuff I bought the day after Christmas and at the dollar tree and the 99 cent store. 

  1. Buy wreath and garland. I found my wreath the day after Christmas clearance sale at Michaels. A good size for the wreath is 18 inches in diameter. Try to find a garland that measures 6 feet long each and that it has wire running through them. 
  2. Remove any unneeded decorative items the wreath may have come with. Fluff and shape your wreath to the desired fullness and shape.
  3. Flip your wreath over. You want the front facing down. Unravel the garland and twist the two strands together near the center so they become one piece.
  4. Make a slight bend in your garland and shape it to the wreath. With the wreath still face down: You want the garland to extend across the wreath and stick out like tentacle arms, but not show through the mouth opening of the wreath.
  5. Secure the garland to the wreath. With the wreath still face down: Use some of the wreaths wire branches to twist tightly around the garland. I have highlighted the garland in lime green, and where it is secured to the wreath with red. Flip wreath back over and complete the project with the wreath face up:
  6. Measure & Make the teeth. Lay the wreath's mouth opening on a piece of white foam. Draw the size and shape of the teeth.
  7. Remove the wreath and cut out the teeth shapes with an exacto blade out of the foam piece.  
  8. Make the eyes. Use two plastic disposable spoons for the eyes. They are the perfect shape for the Disneyland version. Cut the handles from the spoons with sharp scissors.
  9. Glue in the teeth. Use hot glue to glue the teeth into the "mouth" of the wreath. 
  10. Attach a red Christmas bow. I found my bow at the 99 cent store and it came with a twisty-tie attachment on the back.
  11. Paint Eyes. Using acrylic craft paints, paint the eyes yellow. After it dries, use black acrylic paint for the "eyeliner" and black pupils. Attach eyes with hot glue .
  12. Attach assorted holly berries with hot glue .
  13. Last but not lest arrange and bend the tips of the garland to look like out-stretched fingers.