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Betsey Johnson Halloween Goodies

I found the cutest accessories on the Betsey Johnson website. She came out with a halloween collection that is to die for. The bags are by far my favorite because they have a halloween style to them but yet they are so stylish they can be worn with anything all year round. The earrings and necklace add the perfect amount of edge to any look. Go check them out because everything is selling out fast. 

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Halloween Goodies at Bath and Body Works

Halloween my favorite time of the year is coming and I start looking for things since August, because usually as you get closer to October all the good stuff is gone. I find everything from things to decorate my house to things I like to wear all year round. If you are like me I see Halloween as a life style not just a holiday. I will be posting all the cool things I find for halloween here on my blog so stay tuned.

This week I found the best bathroom goodies at bath and body works, they have candles to soap and even lotion. I started looking for them early this year because I have noticed that each year they tend to sell out quickly in store and online. They have more veriaity online as well if you want to get more for your money. 

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American Horror Story Exhibit

The exhibit was breath taking and so cool to look at all the costumes that were worn on all six seasons of American Horror Story. To see them up close is so unreal because the detail work is incredible and seeing them on tv is not the same. Up close you can see all work that went into every outfit that each character wore and its unbelievable. I enjoyed every minute of it and I recommend everyone to see it and hurry because it ends Aug, 13, 2017. 

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DIY Denim Cut Off Shorts


If you are like me then you have a lot of denim pants that are just lying around your home that you are no longer using. Well Here is a great DIY project that you can do to put those jeans to good use. Don't be afraid to get crazy creative with them like adding studs or lace on them. 

Heres what you would need;

  • Denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Needle and blue thread
  • Iron

First put your jeans on and put a pin in them where you want to cut them. Make sure to add two inches to the ends where you will cut, to allow the hems to be rolled.

Then cut the jeans off and try them on for length.

Roll the hems over twice so no raw hem shows. Hand sew a stitch on the inside and outside seams so that the rolls don’t come down. Then last but not lest Iron the hems flat.