About me

Elizabeth Alcala encourages edgy, futuristic style for every woman that still wants to be glamorous, chic, daring and edgy in every way. I design clothing to empower women to embrace who they are and to feel empowered by all their unique beauty.

I want women to feel powerful like they can run the world without compromising their edginess.I design clothes to be a staple in your wardrobe, so you can wear all year round.

I am a Los Angeles based designer that makes everything myself by hand here in the USA. I design clothes you’ll LOVE through the years.

I cut and sew everything myself no matter how big or small the orders are. I will not outsource my production overseas, because it is very important to me that every garment is made ethically and full attention to the detail.

I make small batches of my clothing, because I  do not want to be part of the fast/disposable fashion, that mass produces everything. I want to create more jobs here in the USA.

My clothing will add some edge to your wardrobe for you can be your own style icon. I want to bring high-end, classy fashion to alternative wear. Most Importantly I want to make clothing fun again.